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Build The Foundation For Investing Success | Traders AcademyBuild The Foundation For Investing Success | Traders AcademyBuild The Foundation For Investing Success | Traders Academy


What Is WinPips?

Seeking to identify and uncover unique trading opportunities as they arise across forex pairs, stocks, commodities, and CFDs? WinPips has you covered with their trading signals App, which delivers multiple trading ideas to your mobile device daily. Just connect the App to your trading platform to benefit from their unique algorithms, highlighting the eight top-performing traders at any given time while supplying a signal accuracy rate of 82.7%.

The Benefits Of WinPips

  • Quickly capitalize on trading ideas as they arise with cutting-edge technology
  • Enjoy real-time trading signals from top traders
  • Take advantage of technical analysis for each trade from in-screen graphs
  • Use the Smart API to connect the service with your brokerage platform seamlessly
  • Join, track, and copy transactions of the best traders automatically in real-time
  • “Beat the experts” with the stopwatch technology enables users to beat the
  • Mac, PC, iOS, and Android compatible
  • Directly execute signals through regulated MetaTrader 4/5 compatible brokers
  • Implement automatic or semi-automatic trade execution
  • Fun and professional webinars along with ample educational resources
  • Dedicated customer service

How To Use It

Getting started with WinPips takes just a few steps:

  1. Download the appropriate app for your operating system (Mac, PC, iOS, Android) from the corresponding app store
  2. Register your account either through the app or the registration link on the website
  3. Log in to the app with your user name and password
  4. Click on the MetaTrader 4/5 icon on the App’s main screen
  5. Press “Trading Account” under the settings menu
  6. Link the trading account by filling in the appropriate details
  7. Click “I Approve” to officially connect the account

Our Special Offer

Want to apply WinPips’ insights and signals to your trading strategy? Sign up now for 3 months of complimentary service. Simply register through the link below and download the app to get started.


What Is XOSignals?

With over 300,000 registered users and 1 million downloads of its flagship application, XOSignals commands a loyal following of traders that apply the provider’s signals daily across asset classes. Put yourself in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing your investment portfolio’s success with trading ideas that span asset classes, including cryptocurrencies. Enjoy access to advanced research, long-term pattern prediction, and daily market analysis among other noteworthy advantages.

The Benefits Of XOSignals

  • Customized in-depth analysis delivered daily
  • Review different technical indicators and charts
  • Access signals via desktop, mobile, or tablet devices
  • Highly secure service available in 23 languages
  • Receive tips from pros and other platform members
  • Chat in the community forum with over 300,000 users
  • Build watchlists and filters to optimize your strategy
  • Gain knowledge with the educational course’s six lessons
  • VIP account expands the services to include mobile access, 1-on-1 sessions, relationship manager, and more

How To Use It

Want to take advantage of XOSignals services?

After registering through our link below, take the following steps:

  1. Download the appropriate app for your operating system (Mac, PC, iOS, Android) from the corresponding app store
  2. Use the details received during your registration to log in to the app or the website Enter the signals Dashboard to start reviewing trading signals to inform your trading style and strategy
  3. Track asset price changes in real-time via the Live Feed with the embedded charting tools
  4. Join the Chat to speak with other traders located across the globe to formulate new ideas and gameplans
  5. Follow other successful traders on the Leaderboard to mirror their results in your portfolio

Our Special Offer

Ready to take the plunge with XOSignals to see how this provider can amplify your trading results? Register now for 3 months of complimentary signals and analysis by signing up through the link below.
Trading Hype

Trading Hype

What Is Trading Hype?

Are you seeking real-time signals and updates? Look no further than Trading Hype for push notifications sent directly to your mobile device daily during trading hours for the most popular global financial market assets. Beyond the regularly delivered signals, gather valuable ideas and input from a large community of traders to help support your trading success.

The Benefits Of Trading Hype

  • Receive daily signals via push notifications
  • Build your watchlist and filters
  • Enjoy an intuitive and straightforward interface
  • The mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Review real-time price quotes and charts
  • Check stats and strategies practiced by leading traders
  • Mirror the success of the leaderboard to mimic the results
  • Chat with thousands of other traders to discuss ideas

How To Use It

Trading Hype features one of the easiest setups among signal providers.

  1. Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store depending on your device’s operating system
  2. Open the app and register your account with first name, last name, email, and password
  3. Enter your phone number to receive the verification code needed to finalize the setup
  4. After validating the code, you are directed to the dashboard, which features signals
  5. The dashboard highlights all the open and closed signals, along with your own open and closed positions
  6. You can also navigate to the live feed to review real-time asset quotes, join other users in the chat, and check the leaderboard to evaluate the most successful traders and their moves

Our Special Offer

Are you searching for complimentary to access world-class market signals? Click the button below to register for a trial offer of Trading Hype’s premium signals for 3 months with no obligation. Simply sign up to get started today.
Trading Hype
Hipster Trader

Hipster Trader

What Is Hipster Trader?

Instead of sitting all day and waiting for the action to unfold, Hipster Trader can help clue you on the opportunities as they arise with push notifications delivered daily to your mobile device. Track asset changes in real-time and leverage the crowd’s wisdom by engaging with other traders over the chat or following the experts featured on the leaderboard. Keeping tabs on the market and spotting new ideas has never been easier.

The Benefits Of Trading Hype

  • Access signals for forex, commodities, cryptos, stocks, and more
  • Filter opportunities based on signal win ratios, asset classes, and other preferences
  • Monitor price charts to visualize real-time changes in markets
  • Explore ideas with a community of like-minded traders from across the globe
  • Track your signal success by recording your open and closed positions
  • Echo the success of market leaders by mirroring their trades
  • Android and iOS-compatible applications

How To Use It

If ease of use is essential for your research efforts, Hipster Trader has you covered. Enjoy an accessible and approachable mobile application that effortlessly clues you in on unfolding trading opportunities.

  1. Start by downloading the iOS or Android application from the corresponding App store
  2. After the download is complete, the first screen will prompt you to enter your name, email, and password before bringing you to the verification screen
  3. Add your phone number into the verification panel
  4. Once the verification code has been received by SMS, enter the code to validate the account
  5. At this point, you’ll see different icons along the bottom of the screen, which direct you to the Dashboard, Live Feed, Chat, Leaderboards, and Profile Review regularly updated signals via push notifications or in the Dashboard where you can survey your progress with open and closed signals
  6. Monitor asset prices and charts in the Live Feed in real-time to keep an eye on the market
  7. Use the Chat to communicate with other traders across the globe to hone in on valuable ideas
  8. Track the results of other talented traders through the Leaderboards by following successful profiles and observing their signals

Our Special Offer

The path to success starts with more market information and insights. Access the investing intelligence available for Hipster Signals for 3 months by registering an account today. Sign up below to begin taking advantage of real-time opportunities as they adevelop.
Hipster Trader
WhatsApp Signals

WhatsApp Signals

What Is WhatsApp Signals?

Researching financial markets can involve hours of pouring over charts and reading the news to keep up-to-date with changing financial markets. Fortunately, some of the best trading ideas are just WhatsApp message away. With WhatsApp Signals, arm yourself with the accurate information needed to deliver positive trading performance. Receive detailed overviews of excellent trade setups daily and corresponding charts to help supercharge your experience and consistently point you in the direction of exciting opportunities as they arise. Best of all, if you link your trading platform, you can automatically execute signals as they arrive in your WhatsApp inbox.

The Benefits of WhatsApp Signals

  • Enjoy real-time trading signals delivered daily to your WhatsApp Account
  • Filter multiple asset classes according to personal trading preferences
  • Receive a breakdown of the opportunity with a chart, support and resistance levels, entry and exit points, timing, and even forecasts
  • Patterns are automatically recognized by the system and pushed directly through the chat
  • Develop greater market insights by being exposed to different trade setups and patterns that unfold daily
  • No need to download any external applications or software

How To Use WhatsApp Signals

  1. Register for WhatsApp signals by either clicking on the link or opening a chat with the corresponding number through your desktop or compatible mobile device
  2. Receive a welcome email and confirm account
  3. After registering, a premium signal is delivered daily during trading hours to your WhatsApp account
  4. Click “Trade Now” in the message to link the signals with an account on a supported trading platform
  5. Once linked, receive between 5-8 signals day
  6. Determine whether to execute signals directly through the linked trading platform automatically

Our Special Offer

Putting a spotlight on real-time market opportunities has never been more straightforward, thanks to in-depth trade analysis delivered daily. Gain the exceptional visibility needed to skew reward in your favor by registering for WhatsApp Signals now. Simply register through the link below to receive complimentary signals directly through your device, all with no caps and lifetime limits.
WhatsApp Signals

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